Elysium by Jennifer Marie Brissett


Over the weekend I read Elysium by Jennifer Marie Brissett (no relation to the Neill Blomkamp movie). It was fantastic and definitely a Book of the Year Nominee.

I read a review of it in this month’s Locus Magazine and it sounded interesting. First of all, the characters seemed to shift names and genders. For example, within one chapter Antoine may become Antoinette all of a sudden, then back again. Sometimes when a writer tries this it comes off as a gimmick at best, very annoying at worse. However, in the hands of Ms. Brissett it is something very cool and relevant to the story.

I try to avoid spoilers when talking about books, but I will give an overview. The book follows characters – perhaps sets of characters – as the earth lurches then tumbles into a post-apocalyptic disaster. Is it war, a bio weapon? Is it nature? Is it aliens? Not going to say, but the resolution is pretty perfect.

Elysium is only about two hundred pages, so while it is a fast read, it feels like you’ve experienced a lot with these characters in this world. Available on Kindle and in paperback, I highly recommend it.

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