Please Note: There are some spoilers below if you haven’t seen Frozen yet. I tried to keep them minor, but may give away a few things.

Over the weekend I finally saw Frozen.

An animated Disney musical deserving its place next to the modern-era classics of Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King, I absolutely loved it. Kristen “Veronica Mars” Bell and Idina “Rent” Menzel are brilliant as sisters Anna and Elsa. Everyone else in the cast are fantastic as well. Smart, funny, romantic, thrilling, awesome, I cannot recommend this movie enough. It even won the Golden Globe last night for Best Animated Film.

I should have seen it opening weekend, not wait until its seventh. This is one I am getting on Blu Ray when it comes out. It is that good.

When they were young girls, Elsa’s powers over snow and ice accidentally injures Anna. Afraid of ever hurting Anna – or anyone else – again, Elsa isolates herself in her room until her coronation day as queen. Things go wrong, again by accident. Her powers are exposed and she flees into the mountains.

With Anna desperately searching for Elsa, as well as some bad guys out to do her harm, Elsa finds herself finally free. Below is “Let it Go”, performed by Idina Menzel as Elsa. I hope it gets the Oscar. Not only is it a great song, but it hammers home exactly what is happening in the story, as well as a major character arc moment for one of our lead characters.

I have not heard a song in a musical in such perfect context of story and character since the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episode Once More With Feeling, when Amber Benson as Tara, realizing Willow has wiped her memory, reprises “Under Your Spell”. As much as that was heartbreaking, “Let It Go” is uplifting.

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