NAB – Preliminary Exhibitor List

It is less than two months until I go to Las Vegas for NAB. This is the trade show of the National Association of Broadcasters and takes up all of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be attending on Wednesday, April 9th only. Since my time will be tight, I am trying to plan it so I can see as much as I can.

Though I would love to see all of NAB, the driving factor of attending is to look at software, cameras, and equipment needed to make videos and short films. Many vendors exhibiting at NAB this year are ones I plan to buy from (though probably not at the show itself, unless they are running a show special).

This will allow me to get some hands-on, or at least eyes-on, with what I am planning to get. Plus, it will give me a change to speak with the companies about their products, discuss what I am planning to do, and get some guidance.

For example, my first stop will be the Adobe booth in the Lower South Hall. I want to talk with an Adobe rep about the computer I plan to get in a few months and confirm that it is the best configuration for running AfterEffects.

Based on priority, location (what exhibitor is in which hall), and time, I have come up with my preliminary list of exhibitors I will see at NAB:

Adobe – Lower South Hall 3910

This is my first stop after picking up my badge. As I mentioned above, I want to check on Adobe AfterEffects specs. I also want to see if there are any show specials, like maybe a discount on Creative Cloud. Not sure if there will be, but that would be awesome.

Telestream – Lower South Hall 3905

The Telestream booth is literally next to the Adobe booth, so this will be stop two.

I learned about Telestream from a great technology vlog I follow, Hak5 (part of Revision3). A year or so ago they did a “behind the scenes” on how they edit and upload their videos using Telestream’s Episode Pro. Episode Pro can put intros and outtros on videos automatically, has all sorts of workflow options, ability to auto upload to YouTube accounts and so on. Pricey and probably down the road for me (unless some amazing show special going on), but I definitely want to check it out.

Grass Valley – Lower South Hall 206

This company does switchers, editors and convertors. Probably beyound what I will need, but I want to see what they have.

Canon – Central Hall 4325

After Adobe, Canon is probably the exhibitor I most want to see. The DSLR camera I am interested in is the new 70D. My plan is to check out the camera at the booth, and ask a rep some questions about it around what I am planning to use it for.

Manfrotto – Central Hall 6025

Manfrotto is located next to the Canon booth. They do tripods, monopods and other camera rigging. I have heard great things about them.

GoPro – Central Hall 6537

Though I am not planning on getting a GoPro anytime soon, I do like them. I know they had a show special last year.

VariZoom – Central Hall 8230

VariZoom also makes tripods, monopods and other camera rigging.

Teredek – Central Hall 8218

Teredek makes wireless video transcoders and transmitters. Very interesting stuff, but probably down the road for me. I will definitely stop by their booth, though, because I know their transmitters can tie into broadband solutions (like Sprint or Verizon). This can be used to live stream events. Very cool technology.

GlideCam – Central Hall 7916

GlideCam makes stabilization rigs for cameras, including ones for DSLRs. This is a piece of equipment I know I will need for my camera. Hopefully I will be able to try out some of the DSLR rigs while I am there.

B&H Camera – Central Hall 11022

B&H is the large camera store in New York City. They have a huge mail order/online business. They are an authorized dealing for most of the exhibitors I will be visiting. I am hoping, since they are retail sales, that they have some show specials going on.

This list will probably change between now and NAB. I tried to keep it focused on my goal of making videos and short films. I also tried to keep it limited enough so if I want to spend some extended time at certain booths I can.

I am really looking forward to NAB. I think it will be a lot of fun.

DSLR Research Continued:

In my first post on researching DSLRs I wrote about the great site and their informative DSLR Cinematography Guide. Since then, I have been visiting regularly for more tips and information.

This week they shared a video on camera bags by Caleb Pike, who runs Needless to say, I see a site called “” and I am checking it out immediately.

Caleb’s site includes podcasts, reviews, tutorials and all sorts of other information on shooting video with DSLR cameras. I will be diving into this site in the coming weeks as part of my research into using DSLRs for shooting podcasts and short films I want to do. Just a smart, clean site that I cannot recommend highly enough. Check it out here: