Wolfhound Century

Last night I finished reading Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins.

Wolfhound Century appears to take place in an alternate universe version of the Soviet Union, filtered through the New Weird of China Mieville (read Perdiso Street Station. Seriously.). It is dark fantasy mixed with Cold Was era police procedural.

The main character is Lom, a cop with issues, but a cop who gets results. We travel with Lom to another city for his investigation into a terrorist. In his investigation he comes across corrupt cops, giants, stone-like dog monsters, news of a fallen angel and things ever more bizarre. Though I do not read much fantasy, I really enjoyed Wolfhound Century. A good, solid and imaginative read.

Note that this is book one of a trilogy. Book 2, Truth and Fear, is already out. I plan on reading it and the 3rd book as well.