Prescription Glasses for Working on the Computer


Back on February 2, 2014 I did a post on Gunnars Glasses and Reducing Eyestrain. I found that the Gunnars significantly reduced eyestrain and I used them whenever I was on the computer.

Earlier this month I went for my yearly eye exam. My regular prescription really hadn’t changed since last year so my current distance glasses were fine. I mentioned to my doctor that I was thinking of getting a pair of prescription Gunnars for gaming. My doctor doesn’t offer Gunnars, but he did mention that he could make a prescription set of glasses for working on the computer. I said do it.

Using my regular distance prescription as a baseline, my doctor was able to calculate a prescription for looking at my computer screen. He also applied a process to the glasses that would reflect the blue light from the computer screen, one of the major causes of computer-related eyestrain.

I picked up the new glasses about a week ago and I love them. Since the prescription is set specifically for the looking at the computer screen, everything on the screen is much sharper than with my non-prescription Gunnars. Also, with the reflecting of the blue light, I am still not experiencing any eyestrain.

If you wear prescription glasses and stare at a computer screen many hours a day for work or fun I would definitely recommend asking your eye doctor about a set of glasses like mine.

Even with the new glasses, I am keeping my Gunnars as a backup. I also still plan to get a pair of prescription (distance) Gunnars for console gaming.

Gunnars Glasses and Reducing Eyestrain

The great Sharon Vaknin of CNET posted the video below a little over a year ago. It is about the steps that can be taken to avoid computer-related eyestrain.

At the time, I was having some issues with eyestrain. My work setup is two computers, and I found myself squinting a lot at the screen I had to the side. After watching this video I went out and got myself a pair of Gunnars Glasses. They made a huge difference and I no long squint at the screen.

Though I wear glasses for nearsightedness (not needed for working on the computer), the Gunnars I have are non-prescription. It is possible to get prescription Gunnars, and I am considering doing that for playing games on my Xbox.