Samson Meteorite

A few weeks ago I posted some videos I did with After Effects. I thought they came out well, but I was not happy with the quality of the sound. I thought it sounded a bit hollow. This was due to the older headset with microphone that I used to record the narration.

I wanted to find a microphone that would be good for doing narration on videos (YouTube, Vine, etc.). There are studio-grade microphones (Røde, Shure) which are amazing, but they can also be pricey. After doing some research I thought I would end up with a Blue Snowball.

The Blue Snowball is highly rated, but it is also surprisingly large. It is round and slightly smaller than a softball. I may still get one once my home office is set up, but I liked the idea of having something a bit more portable.

I came across the Samson Meteorite. It is small, with a price point of around $40.00.


The Meteorite microphone is round, a little bigger than a golf ball. It is USB, which is what I wanted. The microphone sits in a magnetic base. The microphone angle can be adjusted and the magnetic base will hold it in place. I did an initial test recording and I am already very happy with it:

I know I have some settings to adjust, especially when using the Meteorite with Adobe CC Audition, but I think I made a good choice.