Video on How I Organize all the Screws When Taking Apart My Dell Inspiron 15 7537

I recently posted this video on YouTube on how I keep all the screws organized when working on my computer.

One of the challenges when working on a computer is how to manage the various screws you need to remove. It is very easy to lose track of what screw goes where.

I needed to replace one of the USB cards in my Inspiron 15. This included removing the bottom cover, the keyboard, the battery, the hard drive and a middle plate inside the laptop. All of them had screws of different sizes.

I used a plastic parts organizer that had removable dividers. I marked the dividers with the name of the area its screws were from. So the back cover had its own section in the organizer, the battery had a section for its screws and so on.

I also made sure that each section in the organizer was in the order that I removed the screws in. Bottom cover was first, then battery, and so on.

Once I was done replacing the USB card, I then went in reverse order to replace the screws. As I replaced each area’s screws I removed the divider separating them from the next area’s screws. That way I knew what to use next, and doing it this way actually kept me from skipping a step. I almost used the wrong screws for the wrong component. But since I was going in reverse order, I caught the problem.

A simple system, but I found it to be very effective. I definitely recommend using an organizer with movable dividers.