Using My iPhone to Edit and Post a Video to YouTube

Last week I did a story on my Snapchat about my Vlogging camera, an Olympus T860. I liked how it came out so I wanted to put it on my YouTube Channel

The first thing I did was to save my Snapchat story on my iPhone before it expired and disappeared forever. Stories disappear after 24 hours.

Normally, I would copy the video from my iPhone to my computer. Then I would edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and upload it to YouTube. But I wanted to see if I could edit everything on my iPhone and have the final result be close to what I was able to do on my computer.

If everything worked okay – and without a lot of hassle – I would know that I could do YouTube videos “on the fly”. I would like to increase my YouTube output in 2016, and being able to shoot, edit and upload videos when I was away from my computer would help with that.

Since I had been thinking about this for a while, I already had copies of my intro, outtro and additional credits placards .JPGs on my iPhone. These are title cards with my channel and social information on them.

Also, I had already downloaded music tracks from YouTube Audio Library to my computer. I used iTunes to load them on my iPhone. Tip: If you do this, add them to a separate Playlist (I called mine “YouTube”) so you can find and review them quickly.

I used the One Stop Photo Notes app to add titles and text to my intro, outtro and credits placards.

Now I was ready to edit. I used the Videoshop app for this. I imported the Snapchat story video into the app. The app has cut and trim functions, but I found the split video function to be more accurate. That could be just me, though.

Once I had the video split out into different scenes, it was easy to arrange them in the order I wanted by dragged and dropping them on the timeline. The YouTube video has some scenes in a different order than they were in the Snapchat story, but they flow much better. I also cut one scene that was also a total copy of another one.

I added the placards and the music next. It took me a few tries to figure out the volume control for the music. There is a little music note symbol on the timeline. Tapping it brought up the volume control, so I was able to lower the music so it did not overwhelm the voiceover.

I reviewed and adjusted the video many times, then saved it to my camera roll. At this point I used the YouTube app to upload the video to my channel.

The video came out well, but I did learn a few things:

First, the overall volume on the video was a bit low. I will increase it on the next video I do this way.

Second, I need to keep a copy of my show notes template on my iPhone. This is a document that has the info I always want in my video’s discription. This includes the general layout, all of my social media links, production notes (camera used, program edited on, etc.) and so on.

Third, I don’t think the YouTube app has as much functionality as the web version does. I need to dive into this more, but I have not found things like ad setup on it.

I plan to go onto the web version of YouTube and update the things I was unable to do or missed on the YouTube app.

Overall, I consider this expirement to be a total success. It was relatively easy to do everything from my iPhone. Now I know that if I want to do a quick video and post it right away I can, and it will have quality near to what I can do on my computer. I will still do the majority of my editing and uploads from my computer, but it is nice to have this option, especially when I am out and don’t have my computer with me.

Note about the blog post: In keeping with its theme, this blog post was written and posted from my iPhone. I used the Textastic app to write it and the MediaFire app to upload the pictures for it.

I’m on Snapchat

I am on Snapchat at tsmcnamara.

Though I joined Snapchat back in February of 2015, I haven’t used it much and wasn’t sure if I would. However, that all changed over New Years weekend.

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk was on vacation in Florida. He tweeted and Instagrammed that Snapchat was the app to get on in 2016. He also said he would be answering questions on Snapchat.

I am a huge fan of Gary’s and his advice on all things social media, so I started following him on Snapchat and watched his Snapchat Stories. He gave a lot of great tips (be sure to checkout The Ask GaryVee Show on YouTube if have any interest in marketing on social, or social media in general. Always an interesting, informed take.).

Because of Gary, Snapchat started to click for me. I jumped onto YouTube and looked at recent How to Snapchat videos. Two videos really stood out:

Sunny Lenarduzzi’s tutorial is a very good intro in how to use Snapchat.

For some fun tricks and tips, Jenna Ezarik’s Secrets + Tips video was excellent. There is also an updated version of the video.

I started to see the potential of Snapchat me when Gary gave a shout out to his trainer Mike Vacanti’s Snapchat.

Mike snapped that if anyone had a question to reply to him. I replied with a video question asking about getting back into running (which I really need to do). Mike replied a short time later, suggesting an app (Couch to 5K) that he thought would be helpful. Mike is a professional trainer and I never would have had access to ask him a question without Snapchat. Snapchat is a unique way to connect, and I think it is just scratching the surface.

Please check out Gary on Snapchat at GaryVee:


Please check out Mike on Snapchat at MikeVacanti: