Video on How I Organize all the Screws When Taking Apart My Dell Inspiron 15 7537

I recently posted this video on YouTube on how I keep all the screws organized when working on my computer.

One of the challenges when working on a computer is how to manage the various screws you need to remove. It is very easy to lose track of what screw goes where.

I needed to replace one of the USB cards in my Inspiron 15. This included removing the bottom cover, the keyboard, the battery, the hard drive and a middle plate inside the laptop. All of them had screws of different sizes.

I used a plastic parts organizer that had removable dividers. I marked the dividers with the name of the area its screws were from. So the back cover had its own section in the organizer, the battery had a section for its screws and so on.

I also made sure that each section in the organizer was in the order that I removed the screws in. Bottom cover was first, then battery, and so on.

Once I was done replacing the USB card, I then went in reverse order to replace the screws. As I replaced each area’s screws I removed the divider separating them from the next area’s screws. That way I knew what to use next, and doing it this way actually kept me from skipping a step. I almost used the wrong screws for the wrong component. But since I was going in reverse order, I caught the problem.

A simple system, but I found it to be very effective. I definitely recommend using an organizer with movable dividers.

Tech Tip – Managing Charger Cables with Cord Clips

One of the challenges of tech is keeping it charged. This applies to iPhones, Droids, cameras, tablets and just about anything that needs to be powered on.

The first challenge is to find a free plug. The second challenge is to keep the cables straight or from falling back behind a desk.

I bought a package of 3M’s Command Clear Medium Cord Clips
Clip Packaging

As the packing shows, the clips are usually used to manage cable runs along walls. I decided to place two on my desktop:
Cord Clips

The clips hold the charge cables in place for my iPhone and Kindle Fire. The clips are secure enough so the cables don’t slide behind the desk when not in use, but not so tight that extra slack can’t be pulled through when needed.

You can also write on the release tags of the Clips to show which cable is for what device:
Cord Clips Labeled

Though the difference in the two cables in the example above are obvious, I did use a Sharpie to show that you can mark them. I did “I” for iPhone and “K” for Kindle. Other devices may have very similar cables, though, that you may need to be careful with. For example, I have a camera that has the same connector as my Kindle. However, its charger may have a different voltage than the Kindle charger. By marking the clips you can keep them straight and avoid possible damage to one of your devices.

If you do setup clips to manage your cables be sure to leave enough play in the cable so you can plug in whatever you need to charge.
Kindle Charging

You can find the Cord Clips on Amazon, hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.), and some grocery or drug stores.