New YouTube Video: Premiere Pro CC – Razor Tool Not Cutting Video and its Audio Track at Same Time

Recently I had an issue with the Razor Tool in Premiere Pro CC. It was not cutting the video and its associated audio at the same time, which is normal functionality. I think I must have inadvertently done something to make the Razor Tool cut only the track it was over. It would only cut the track that I was clicking on with the Razor Tool. This is similar to its functionality when holding down the ALT key.

After some research I found how to set the Razor Tool back to default behavior. I also found how to deal with a video that had a segmented audio track, where the audio track needed to be re-linked to the video.

This video shows the issue I was having and how I resolved it, as well as how to link and unlink audio segments to a video track.

Using My iPhone to Edit and Post a Video to YouTube

Last week I did a story on my Snapchat about my Vlogging camera, an Olympus T860. I liked how it came out so I wanted to put it on my YouTube Channel

The first thing I did was to save my Snapchat story on my iPhone before it expired and disappeared forever. Stories disappear after 24 hours.

Normally, I would copy the video from my iPhone to my computer. Then I would edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and upload it to YouTube. But I wanted to see if I could edit everything on my iPhone and have the final result be close to what I was able to do on my computer.

If everything worked okay – and without a lot of hassle – I would know that I could do YouTube videos “on the fly”. I would like to increase my YouTube output in 2016, and being able to shoot, edit and upload videos when I was away from my computer would help with that.

Since I had been thinking about this for a while, I already had copies of my intro, outtro and additional credits placards .JPGs on my iPhone. These are title cards with my channel and social information on them.

Also, I had already downloaded music tracks from YouTube Audio Library to my computer. I used iTunes to load them on my iPhone. Tip: If you do this, add them to a separate Playlist (I called mine “YouTube”) so you can find and review them quickly.

I used the One Stop Photo Notes app to add titles and text to my intro, outtro and credits placards.

Now I was ready to edit. I used the Videoshop app for this. I imported the Snapchat story video into the app. The app has cut and trim functions, but I found the split video function to be more accurate. That could be just me, though.

Once I had the video split out into different scenes, it was easy to arrange them in the order I wanted by dragged and dropping them on the timeline. The YouTube video has some scenes in a different order than they were in the Snapchat story, but they flow much better. I also cut one scene that was also a total copy of another one.

I added the placards and the music next. It took me a few tries to figure out the volume control for the music. There is a little music note symbol on the timeline. Tapping it brought up the volume control, so I was able to lower the music so it did not overwhelm the voiceover.

I reviewed and adjusted the video many times, then saved it to my camera roll. At this point I used the YouTube app to upload the video to my channel.

The video came out well, but I did learn a few things:

First, the overall volume on the video was a bit low. I will increase it on the next video I do this way.

Second, I need to keep a copy of my show notes template on my iPhone. This is a document that has the info I always want in my video’s discription. This includes the general layout, all of my social media links, production notes (camera used, program edited on, etc.) and so on.

Third, I don’t think the YouTube app has as much functionality as the web version does. I need to dive into this more, but I have not found things like ad setup on it.

I plan to go onto the web version of YouTube and update the things I was unable to do or missed on the YouTube app.

Overall, I consider this expirement to be a total success. It was relatively easy to do everything from my iPhone. Now I know that if I want to do a quick video and post it right away I can, and it will have quality near to what I can do on my computer. I will still do the majority of my editing and uploads from my computer, but it is nice to have this option, especially when I am out and don’t have my computer with me.

Note about the blog post: In keeping with its theme, this blog post was written and posted from my iPhone. I used the Textastic app to write it and the MediaFire app to upload the pictures for it.

Luna Time Lapse

This is a time lapse of my cat Luna in one of her favorite places, my drafting table. It has easy access to the window sill so she can check on the outside. She can also keep an eye on me when I am working at my desk.

I can’t believe that next month will be one year since Luna came to live with me. I am so happy that she did.

Samson Meteorite

A few weeks ago I posted some videos I did with After Effects. I thought they came out well, but I was not happy with the quality of the sound. I thought it sounded a bit hollow. This was due to the older headset with microphone that I used to record the narration.

I wanted to find a microphone that would be good for doing narration on videos (YouTube, Vine, etc.). There are studio-grade microphones (Røde, Shure) which are amazing, but they can also be pricey. After doing some research I thought I would end up with a Blue Snowball.

The Blue Snowball is highly rated, but it is also surprisingly large. It is round and slightly smaller than a softball. I may still get one once my home office is set up, but I liked the idea of having something a bit more portable.

I came across the Samson Meteorite. It is small, with a price point of around $40.00.


The Meteorite microphone is round, a little bigger than a golf ball. It is USB, which is what I wanted. The microphone sits in a magnetic base. The microphone angle can be adjusted and the magnetic base will hold it in place. I did an initial test recording and I am already very happy with it:

I know I have some settings to adjust, especially when using the Meteorite with Adobe CC Audition, but I think I made a good choice.

NAB – Preliminary Exhibitor List

It is less than two months until I go to Las Vegas for NAB. This is the trade show of the National Association of Broadcasters and takes up all of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be attending on Wednesday, April 9th only. Since my time will be tight, I am trying to plan it so I can see as much as I can.

Though I would love to see all of NAB, the driving factor of attending is to look at software, cameras, and equipment needed to make videos and short films. Many vendors exhibiting at NAB this year are ones I plan to buy from (though probably not at the show itself, unless they are running a show special).

This will allow me to get some hands-on, or at least eyes-on, with what I am planning to get. Plus, it will give me a change to speak with the companies about their products, discuss what I am planning to do, and get some guidance.

For example, my first stop will be the Adobe booth in the Lower South Hall. I want to talk with an Adobe rep about the computer I plan to get in a few months and confirm that it is the best configuration for running AfterEffects.

Based on priority, location (what exhibitor is in which hall), and time, I have come up with my preliminary list of exhibitors I will see at NAB:

Adobe – Lower South Hall 3910

This is my first stop after picking up my badge. As I mentioned above, I want to check on Adobe AfterEffects specs. I also want to see if there are any show specials, like maybe a discount on Creative Cloud. Not sure if there will be, but that would be awesome.

Telestream – Lower South Hall 3905

The Telestream booth is literally next to the Adobe booth, so this will be stop two.

I learned about Telestream from a great technology vlog I follow, Hak5 (part of Revision3). A year or so ago they did a “behind the scenes” on how they edit and upload their videos using Telestream’s Episode Pro. Episode Pro can put intros and outtros on videos automatically, has all sorts of workflow options, ability to auto upload to YouTube accounts and so on. Pricey and probably down the road for me (unless some amazing show special going on), but I definitely want to check it out.

Grass Valley – Lower South Hall 206

This company does switchers, editors and convertors. Probably beyound what I will need, but I want to see what they have.

Canon – Central Hall 4325

After Adobe, Canon is probably the exhibitor I most want to see. The DSLR camera I am interested in is the new 70D. My plan is to check out the camera at the booth, and ask a rep some questions about it around what I am planning to use it for.

Manfrotto – Central Hall 6025

Manfrotto is located next to the Canon booth. They do tripods, monopods and other camera rigging. I have heard great things about them.

GoPro – Central Hall 6537

Though I am not planning on getting a GoPro anytime soon, I do like them. I know they had a show special last year.

VariZoom – Central Hall 8230

VariZoom also makes tripods, monopods and other camera rigging.

Teredek – Central Hall 8218

Teredek makes wireless video transcoders and transmitters. Very interesting stuff, but probably down the road for me. I will definitely stop by their booth, though, because I know their transmitters can tie into broadband solutions (like Sprint or Verizon). This can be used to live stream events. Very cool technology.

GlideCam – Central Hall 7916

GlideCam makes stabilization rigs for cameras, including ones for DSLRs. This is a piece of equipment I know I will need for my camera. Hopefully I will be able to try out some of the DSLR rigs while I am there.

B&H Camera – Central Hall 11022

B&H is the large camera store in New York City. They have a huge mail order/online business. They are an authorized dealing for most of the exhibitors I will be visiting. I am hoping, since they are retail sales, that they have some show specials going on.

This list will probably change between now and NAB. I tried to keep it focused on my goal of making videos and short films. I also tried to keep it limited enough so if I want to spend some extended time at certain booths I can.

I am really looking forward to NAB. I think it will be a lot of fun.

DSLR Research Continued:

In my first post on researching DSLRs I wrote about the great site and their informative DSLR Cinematography Guide. Since then, I have been visiting regularly for more tips and information.

This week they shared a video on camera bags by Caleb Pike, who runs Needless to say, I see a site called “” and I am checking it out immediately.

Caleb’s site includes podcasts, reviews, tutorials and all sorts of other information on shooting video with DSLR cameras. I will be diving into this site in the coming weeks as part of my research into using DSLRs for shooting podcasts and short films I want to do. Just a smart, clean site that I cannot recommend highly enough. Check it out here:

Initial Research into DSLRs Including’s Guide

A major goal I have this year is to do more digital film making. This includes everything from Vines, vlogs/video podcasts, to maybe even short films.

I have begun doing some research into what I should get. Though I have a little Kodak Playtouch (very similar to a Flip) which I love, it does not have the functionality that I need.

Since I know some of the vlogs I want to post include demos, unboxings and how-tos, I checked out how others on YouTube are shooting theirs. The below YouTube video, from a gentleman who does woodworking videos, was very informative:

From this video and some others I have watched I know that the one major piece of functionality I need is an LCD that can pivot forward. If I am demoing something, or if I am on camera, I will be able to see what the camera is seeing and stay in frame.

I still have more research to do, and the DSLR Guide covers many of my questions. Highly recommended, it is free on their site. also has other great info on it for the low-budget/no-budget indie filmmaker.

NAB 2014: Registration and Preliminary Prep

This is the first in an occasional series on my trip to the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, aka NAB. The show runs April 5 – 10, with exhibits April 7 – 10. I will be attending Wednesday, April 9th.

I decided to attend NAB this year for three reasons:

1. I have never been. I have friends who have attended in the past, and they said they got a lot out of it.

2. Film/Video making is something I plan to get more involved in this year. NAB fills all of the Las Vegas Convention center, which is huge. The definition of “broadcasting” has changed in recent years to include online. There is a significant presence of exhibitors whose focus is online, video streaming, and so on.

3. I was able to get a free exhibit hall pass. Also, I live in LA, so Vegas is close. I can go just for the day. My round trip airfare from Burbank, with the early bird check in option, was about $151. I arrive early (around 8am) and leave late (around 8:30pm).

As of this writing, I believe free exhibit hall passes are still available with the promo code PA02 if you are interested.

The fact that I could go just for the day was probably the biggest factor for me. If I couldn’t get to Vegas until the afternoon I would have passed. I want a full day to run around the exhibit hall, though I know I will only see a very small percentage of what wil be there.

Now that I am set to go, I am beginning my preliminary prep for the trip. This includes:

Decide Which Exhibitors to See

Since I am only there for one day I know I cannot see everything, and probably not all the exhibitors I really want to see. I am starting by making a list of all exhibitors I want to see, then I will prioritize them.

At the moment, the absolute must-see exhibitor is Adobe. I am planning on buying a new computer later this year (more about that in future posts), and it must be able to run Adobe AfterEffects (for my film/video making). I want to speak with an Adobe rep about specs and get their recommendation.

Then I will prioritize based on location and importance. Adobe is in South Lower Hall, but it appears that the other primary exhibitors I want to see are in Central Hall. I will list and then map my exhibitor visits so I do not end up doubling back and wasting time.

Decide (and List) What I Need to Bring With Me

There are the obvious things like plane tickets/boarding passes, show ticket/badge, wallet/ID, and money, but my plan is to post and shoot some video while I am there. So I want to make sure I bring the things to do that with me. Plus, I want to make sure I can followup on what I see. My preliminary list (which I am doing in Evernote) is:

  • iPhone (for video, posting to Facebook and Twitter, Evernote access)
  • HD Video Camera (more video)
  • Laptop backpack, but not the laptop (to bring back anything I might pickup at the show in)
  • Moleskine Notebook (Evernote edition)
  • iPhone external charger (so I am not battling for outlets)
  • Various charge cables
  • This list will grow as the show gets closer. I will do a “What’s in My Bag” video before I leave.

    Check on Show Specials

    Similar to CES and other shows, some NAB exhibitors do show specials. This is usually a product they sell at a really good discount. Sometimes it is done right in the both. I know last year GoPro emailed discounts for one of their cameras to attendees who visited their booth.

    This prep will be ongoing up to the show itself, and I will post updates. I will also post the exhibitors I will see and why. Definitely more to come on NAB.

    If you are going to be at NAB on April 9th let me know. I will try to say hi.


    I love Vine. Six seconds of fun. I plan to do many more this year that I will share here as well.

    I will also share some Vines I like and recommend some Vine creators who do amazing things with those six seconds.

    This Vine I took when I was in Connecticut the week before Christmas. Hadn’t driven in weather like this in years, but did fine. AWD helped. A lot.