DSLR Research Continued: DSLRVideoShooter.com

In my first post on researching DSLRs I wrote about the great site NoFilmSchool.com and their informative DSLR Cinematography Guide. Since then, I have been visiting NoFilmSchool.com regularly for more tips and information.

This week they shared a video on camera bags by Caleb Pike, who runs DSLRVideoShooter.com. Needless to say, I see a site called “DSLRVideoShooter.com” and I am checking it out immediately.

Caleb’s site includes podcasts, reviews, tutorials and all sorts of other information on shooting video with DSLR cameras. I will be diving into this site in the coming weeks as part of my research into using DSLRs for shooting podcasts and short films I want to do. Just a smart, clean site that I cannot recommend highly enough. Check it out here:

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