Initial Research into DSLRs Including’s Guide

A major goal I have this year is to do more digital film making. This includes everything from Vines, vlogs/video podcasts, to maybe even short films.

I have begun doing some research into what I should get. Though I have a little Kodak Playtouch (very similar to a Flip) which I love, it does not have the functionality that I need.

Since I know some of the vlogs I want to post include demos, unboxings and how-tos, I checked out how others on YouTube are shooting theirs. The below YouTube video, from a gentleman who does woodworking videos, was very informative:

From this video and some others I have watched I know that the one major piece of functionality I need is an LCD that can pivot forward. If I am demoing something, or if I am on camera, I will be able to see what the camera is seeing and stay in frame.

I still have more research to do, and the DSLR Guide covers many of my questions. Highly recommended, it is free on their site. also has other great info on it for the low-budget/no-budget indie filmmaker.

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