NAB 2014: Registration and Preliminary Prep

This is the first in an occasional series on my trip to the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, aka NAB. The show runs April 5 – 10, with exhibits April 7 – 10. I will be attending Wednesday, April 9th.

I decided to attend NAB this year for three reasons:

1. I have never been. I have friends who have attended in the past, and they said they got a lot out of it.

2. Film/Video making is something I plan to get more involved in this year. NAB fills all of the Las Vegas Convention center, which is huge. The definition of “broadcasting” has changed in recent years to include online. There is a significant presence of exhibitors whose focus is online, video streaming, and so on.

3. I was able to get a free exhibit hall pass. Also, I live in LA, so Vegas is close. I can go just for the day. My round trip airfare from Burbank, with the early bird check in option, was about $151. I arrive early (around 8am) and leave late (around 8:30pm).

As of this writing, I believe free exhibit hall passes are still available with the promo code PA02 if you are interested.

The fact that I could go just for the day was probably the biggest factor for me. If I couldn’t get to Vegas until the afternoon I would have passed. I want a full day to run around the exhibit hall, though I know I will only see a very small percentage of what wil be there.

Now that I am set to go, I am beginning my preliminary prep for the trip. This includes:

Decide Which Exhibitors to See

Since I am only there for one day I know I cannot see everything, and probably not all the exhibitors I really want to see. I am starting by making a list of all exhibitors I want to see, then I will prioritize them.

At the moment, the absolute must-see exhibitor is Adobe. I am planning on buying a new computer later this year (more about that in future posts), and it must be able to run Adobe AfterEffects (for my film/video making). I want to speak with an Adobe rep about specs and get their recommendation.

Then I will prioritize based on location and importance. Adobe is in South Lower Hall, but it appears that the other primary exhibitors I want to see are in Central Hall. I will list and then map my exhibitor visits so I do not end up doubling back and wasting time.

Decide (and List) What I Need to Bring With Me

There are the obvious things like plane tickets/boarding passes, show ticket/badge, wallet/ID, and money, but my plan is to post and shoot some video while I am there. So I want to make sure I bring the things to do that with me. Plus, I want to make sure I can followup on what I see. My preliminary list (which I am doing in Evernote) is:

  • iPhone (for video, posting to Facebook and Twitter, Evernote access)
  • HD Video Camera (more video)
  • Laptop backpack, but not the laptop (to bring back anything I might pickup at the show in)
  • Moleskine Notebook (Evernote edition)
  • iPhone external charger (so I am not battling for outlets)
  • Various charge cables
  • This list will grow as the show gets closer. I will do a “What’s in My Bag” video before I leave.

    Check on Show Specials

    Similar to CES and other shows, some NAB exhibitors do show specials. This is usually a product they sell at a really good discount. Sometimes it is done right in the both. I know last year GoPro emailed discounts for one of their cameras to attendees who visited their booth.

    This prep will be ongoing up to the show itself, and I will post updates. I will also post the exhibitors I will see and why. Definitely more to come on NAB.

    If you are going to be at NAB on April 9th let me know. I will try to say hi.

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