Seanan McGuire

This post appeared in a slightly different form on my previous site. I have made some updates to it. One thing remains true in all versions of the post: You should be reading Seanan McGuire.

Seanan McGuire, who also writes as Mira Grant, is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. I first became aware of her writing when I read a rave (and well deserved) review of her book Feed, book one of her Newsflesh trilogy. It is the story of a post-zombie apocalypse world, where humans won the war, but the threat remains. Two internet journalists are embedded on the campaign trail with a candidate for president. Through their eyes we see the post-zombie apocalypse world, and witness as they uncover a conspiracy. It is brilliant, smart, a fantastic read and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I recently finished reading Indexing, a Kindle serial written under her own name. It too is amazing. Think “Once Upon A Time” meets “Fringe” with an edge. Also highly recommended.

On March 21st of this year Seanan McGuire did a Reddit AMA, which I just became aware of. All writers should read this, especially her writing schedule. She works a full-time day job, but still tries to get in at least 2,000 words a day, more on the weekends. Inspirational, and frankly, a kick in the butt for me to hunker down and write way more than I am currently.

Seanan McGuire, whether writing as herself or as Mira Grant (whose latest book is Parasite) is a real find. Get on this now or when you finally do (and trust me, you will), you’ll say to yourself, “Why didn’t I check this out earlier? This is great!”

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